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A family run local pest control service based in the Maidstone. We are proud to be one of the leading pest control companies in Maidstone. Our aim is to provide highly competent pest control procedures to all pest control enquiries.

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Welcome to our pest control company in Maidstone, Kent.

Thanks for checking into our pest control company based in Maidstone. Our website should have plenty of information with regard to our pest control solutions which we supply to customers across Maidstone and the surrounding areas. We encourage our customers to get in touch via telephone as this allows us to fully understand your pest control problem and to give you accurate information over the phone. As a responsible pest control service we ensure that all of our technicians are fully trained and competent in the services that we offer. With customer’s satisfaction in mind we will leave no stone unturned in providing you with a service that you would recommend to others.

The pest control industry in the Maidstone area continually changes as the seasons come and go. In the warmer months our wasp nest removal team are very busy taking care of our customers and in the winter months, our rodent control specialists are out and about taking care of rats and mice looking to nest for the winter. Our expertise is invaluable as our knowledge has been learned through the attendance of pest control courses, seminars and also from our experience when dealing with pests in the Maidstone area. It is for this reason we consider ourselves as one of the leading pest control companies in Maidstone.

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A leading pest control service in Maidstone

Our pest control services are available to all of those in the Maidstone area but extending to the neighbouring towns and villages. Our quick response times allow you the peace of mind that your pest control issue is being dealt with by a well trained and competent professional. Feel free to give us a call and one of our helpful team will take your details and any information you may have about your pest control issue and advise you from there. You can normally expect someone with you in a few hours however this may vary depending on our work load. If you’re looking for a pest control company in Maidstone, then you have come to the right place!


Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Company

Our pest control service in Maidstone is a fast and effective solution for our customers whether your needs are for commercial or residential property. Our technicians have been trained and are competent to standards set out by the BPCA which allows us to provide you with a professional and long lasting service.

Your Business

Our commercial pest control service for business owners includes a free, no obligation survey. This survey allows us to inspect your pest problem and then offer our professional recommendations to handle your building and create a pest free environment. We ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum (working out of hours when necessary) and our services are carried out in a discreet manor to uphold your reputation. Get in touch now and one of our team will be happy to help.

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Your Home

Pest control emergencies for our residential customers are carried out as a same day service when possible (subject to our technicians being available). Many of our residential pest control services require one visit as our pest controllers are able to quickly handle your pest problem. Take a look at our service pages where we cover rats, mice and all other forms of rodent, insect control and in the warmer months we have a wasp nest removal team on call as well.

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Local Pest Control Services

Our pest control solutions can come in single or multi stage visits dependant on the severity of your problem. Single visits for wasp nests and bed bug sprays are frequent and we also use this for our flea treatment services too. With rodents which can require trapping or poisoning then several visits are usually necessary as we have to set bait and traps and then wait for them to have effect. The same applies to garden mole removal and some of our insect treatments. All of these details are outlined before any treatments commence as ultimately you must decide what is the best course of action for your desired outcome.

Our pest control programs will respond to your initial needs. This can come in the form of a pest control survey to identify exactly what is required to rectify your current issues. A site survey of your home or business premises will allow us to fully understand the pest’s behaviour and what may be causing this. We will look to identify access issues, how the pests are entering your property and what behavioural issues are contributing to the existence of your undesirable nuisance. We will work with you in showing you how to go about preventing any further issues, a common problem that we educate on is waste management as this supplies many pests with a consistent food source.

Our pest control company Maidstone works to first remove the current pests but then to proof your property from further intrusion. The problem is pests however it is important to address the cause of the pest activity. Our technicians will help you create a property that will no longer attract unwanted attention and allow you the peace of mind that your building is now safe again.

Pest control contacts are a great way for you to keep on top of any issues that you may have with your premises. We offer pest control contracts which allow for us to make cyclical visits throughout the year to closely monitor your premises for any unusual activity. These visits are set at a frequency that we agree on allowing us complete control over the environment where pest activity is present. We have a range of current clients that benefit from our contract work ranging from restaurants and eateries, bars and we work closely with hotels in the Maidstone area too.

Pest Control Costs

Costs of pest control in the Maidstone area vary based on the requirements of the work that your problem may hold. There is no one price fits all approach as the size and scale of pest control can vary from job to job. Our technicians are able to provide estimate pest control costs over the phone however we need you to get in touch with us first! So please hit the button blow (for mobile devices) or call us on 01622 523533 to chat about your pest control quote now!

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Cheap Pest Control

As all of our staff are local to the Maidstone area it allows us to keep costs down. Pest control prices can vary greatly however we aim to keep our pricing honest and competitive. Trust out service and pricing model today and have your pest control enquiry taken care of.

Pest Control Company Near Me

With our offices based in the Maidstone area we are based near you! Our technicians are local guys & girls and they are very familiar with how the pest control industry works in the Maidstone area. Use us as your local, family run business today!

Pest Control Prices

It is very hard to give estimated prices without visiting the site to examine the severity and environment of your pest control problem. Our pricing structure is no where near the most expensive in the area however we pride out service on being one of the best.